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About this guideline

With the introduction of EANCOM in 1990, a worldwide common standard for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of business information was established by GS1 (former EAN International), together with its member organisations. Now, with over 100,000 users worldwide, EANCOM is the most important subset of UN/EDIFACT.

In Europe, business is no longer based only at a national level. Retailers are extending their business to new markets and countries and manufacturers are producing all over Europe. For EDI communication, national implementation guidelines are, in many cases, no longer the appropriate way to deal with this situation.

With the publication of the new EANCOM release, EANCOM 2002, European member organisations of GS1 in Europe started to harmonise the existing national guidelines. This European guideline is covering all business requirements used in the participating countries.

Several countries participated in the project to set up this guideline, but the long-term aim is to include all member countries of GS1 Europe in the eEUROPE project. The intention of the project also is to offer this recomendation to the users in their national language. The members of GS1 in Europe are requested to take contact to the project leader team. You will find the German translation as an inspiring impression. As business processes are dynamic, the recommendation will be regularly updated and maintained.

The current documentation has been produced by GS1 in Europe; however GS1 in Europe assumes no liability for any damages incurring from the use of this documentation. This brochure or extracts thereof may only be published or forwarded to third parties with the express written consent of GS1 in Europe, which holds copyright on this work.

GS1 in Europe would like to thank all experts from GS1 member organisations and companies who contributed their business knowledge and expertise to this guideline.

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